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Nowadays satellite TV broadcasting had become one of the fastest growing businesses in United States. With more than 20 millions subscribers in total, Dish Network and DirecTV (the major two satellite TV companies in United States) had grabbed a big segment of the home TV entertainment market.
You might be wondering why satellite TV had become such popular all in sudden—the answer is their promotions. Both Dish Network and DirecTV dealers are fighting hard to win the market. Satellite systems, DVR or TiVo systems, DVD players, HD upgrades, and many other incentive gifts were offered free to their new customers. Thanks to their lucrative satellite TV promotions, we can now enjoy satellite TV programs without paying a dime for the equipments and installation fees. If you are having hassles with your cable TV, why not learn more about Dish Network and DirecTV? I am sure that their satellite TV deals are something you don’t want to miss out.
Lets have a quick view on the two major United States satellite TV companies: Dish Network and DirecTV.
Dish Network
Owned by Echostar, Dish Network went ‘on-air’ officially in 1995. The Dish Network satellite TV is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service that broadcasts digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States. Dish Network originally used an 18-inch satellite dish called DISH 300, which allowed subscribers to receive a signal from one satellite location.
Nowadays, Dish Network uses 20-inch satellite dishes called DISH 500, which allows subscribers to receive satellite TV signals from two satellite locations simultaneously. Slightly larger, 36"x20" dishes (called SuperDISH) are being introduced with capability to receive satellite signals from three satellite locations simultaneously. Both DISH 500 and SuperDISH are becoming more common as Dish Network (as well as other DBS services) are attempting to squeeze more programming onto their growing systems, particularly local American television network affiliates stations, and foreign programming.
In 2003, Dish Network began providing in-flight satellite TV service to the U.S. airline song. In 2004, selected music channels from Sirius satellite radio were added to DISH Network's lineup of audio-only channels. Dish Network is also partnered with Starband to deliver broadband satellite Internet service along with it's television service.
All selected music channels from Music Choice were added to Dish Network's lineup of audio-only channels, as well as America's Top 240 and Dish Latino Gold.
Every month, Dish Network has a show called Charlie Chat, which features news about upcoming hardware, programming events, and new channels. Charlie Ergen and Jim De Franco host the show and take questions from e-mail and live callers.
Hughes's DirecTV, the first high-powered DBS system, went live in 1994 and was the first North American DBS service. Owned by DirecTV Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation's Fox Entertainment Group, DirecTV was the first high-powered DBS service in the world. DirecTV typically uses smaller 18-inch satellite dishes to receive its signals. Slightly larger, 18 x 24-inch oval antennas to access multi-satellites are becoming more common as DirecTV (as well as other DBS services) are attempting to squeeze more programming onto their growing systems, particularly local television network affiliates stations as well as hybrid systems that also receive broadband satellite Internet service.
In 1998 DirecTV acquired its partner, USSB for $1.3 billion. In 1999 DirecTV acquired PrimeStar for $1.83 billion. In 2003, a merger with EchoStar, owner of DISH Network, fell through. On December 22, 2003, General Motors sold controlling interest in Hughes Electronics to News Corporation.
DirecTV receivers (television set-top boxes) were originally referred to as "Digital Satellite Service", or DSS, so that services being broadcast by both DirecTV and USSB would appear to be received by generic equipment. In 1998, after the acquisition of USSB, an American court ruled that the term "DSS" was an already trademarked term that could not be used by DirecTV.
DirecTV offers standard television including local channels in most markets. Local channels are transmitted over terrestrial optical fiber networks to the Castle Rock Broadcast Center, in Castle Rock, Colorado, where they are up linked. DirecTV also offers high definition (HDTV); and a digital video recorder (DVR) service in partnership with TiVo. It has now more than 12 million customers in the US and 1.5 million in Latin America.
Wrapping things up, with the huge increase on the subscription numbers, Dish Network and DirecTV are now the primary competition of cable TV service in United States. As satellite TV services are less expensive, provide better picture quality (digital signal) and give more programming choices to their users; we highly recommend our reader to get satellite TV deals. You can get guides in getting reliable Dish Network or DirecTV retailers, programming packages, and comparisons on both satellite TV providers.
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