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DirecTV® was the Pioneer satellite TV provider in the United States after many years of cable TV. The first in the U.S. satellite Television entertainment, the company is the largest single provider of satellite services. It broadcasts DirecTV channels through an 18-inch satellite dish appropriately branded with the company logo. The first all digital picture and sound quality satellite company provides a multi-channel TV broadcasting in all of United States.
The company provided the much needed alternative to cable TV which for a long time had been accessible to most people due to high costs of installation and subscription fees. It still remains the US leading digital TV television service provider that broadcasts multi-channels through easy to install satellite dishes. The advent of satellite dish digital TV meant that less money, work and time was required to install the equipment. This has led to a general decrease in installation fees for satellite digital TV as compared to cable TV installation.
Dish Network®
Dish network TV is the main competitor to DirecTV® in the United States. The satellite TV Company is located in Englewood, Colorado. The company is a subsidiary of EchoStar Communications Corporation, a public company with a large workforce. The dish network company delivers Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Digital television programming and service across the world.
Dish network has in the last five years surpassed DirecTV in terms of service delivery and customer care and service. It is therefore gaining a lot of ground and market share in the lucrative Digital satellite TV market in the U.S.A.
The ability to broadcast its multi-channels in different global languages means it is a favorite choice especially for people outside the United States of America. Dish network has also introduced the free satellite TV online that has further expanded its reach to a global audience and also created unimaginable portability of local TV channels in the U.S.
It is now possible for a subscriber to access home TV while on travel through the internet. All one requires is to download a satellite TV software into their laptop and you have TV wherever you go. You will be able to watch TV on computer all over the world with an internet connection. The internet TV service also avails you with foreign TV channels from over 70 countries across the globe.
GlobeCast WorldTV®
Globe cast WorldTV® provides a plethora of services that are accessible globally. They have uniquely, a world transmission agenda that includes services that broadcast international TV in such languages as Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Farsi, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, and Indian among others.
Most of the Global digital satellite services provided by Globecast WorldTV include audio, video, business television, IP multicasting, internet backbone service, full digital and HDTV production, language conversion and network origination services. They also have a mobile production services and satellite news gathering.
Voom ®
Voom is a market leader in HD channels free of commercials. The satellite Digital TV Company is offering more than 35 high definition local channels to consumers across the United States. Also included are 21 new and exclusive channels that deliver continuous movies, education, shopping, business, sports, music and more are being added every other day.
Voom is the first to enter into exclusive and complete high defination TV market in the USA. It is a more specialized TV broadcasting house that offers premium services for those that don't want to watch commercials a half of the time.
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