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Israel belongs to the group of countries most vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Issues relating to security are among the priorities of the state. However, many of the methods used to prevent attacks cause concern around the world: building of a wall separating Arab villages in the West Bank, closing of access roads to Arab towns, etc.
Video surveillance is not a matter of controversy, being highly effective.
In terms of popularity of CCTV systems, Israel is the world leader. Surveillance cameras are more common than in many European countries, maybe except for Great Britain. Israel leads in the world in the most advanced technologies for monitoring, especially in the software associated with the analysis of video and wireless data transmission.
Confirmation of that leading position are some achievements of Israeli companies.
According to IMS Research, focused on electronic market, the Israeli company Ioimage has 37% share of the global software market associated with advanced image analysis (Video Content Analysis - VCA).
Nice company, offering integrated managing systems for video surveillance installations, indicates that their solutions are used by 85 organizations from the list of the world's 100 biggest companies (the list of Fortune magazine). Also by the latest one - the Chinese Railways.
Another Israeli firm, Vigilant, successfully competes in the UK market, providing monitoring systems for several districts of London.
Verint Systems delivers its solutions for IP monitoring of the Underground, the world's longest subway. Previously, Verint Systems sold surveillance systems to 57 airports. The systems for wireless transmission of video data offered by Israeli companies, among them Radwin and Alvarion, are well known for their quality and innovative solutions.
Dome of the Rock - the most characteristic edifice in Jerusalem - is continuously monitored by the CCTV camera.
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