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You can smell the sumptuous pizza, the delightful pasta, or the aroma of coffee when you talk about the Italian language.
Imagine Italy and you can see the panorama of hills, quaint homes, turquoise sea, and the beautiful people. Close your eyes and imagine hearing how passionate the Italian language is.
Italian will blend into your way of living as you can use it when you travel, work, and expand your horizons.
Your curiosity with the Italian language can be aroused. Try to learn some of the phrases below and try to feel if Italian is the language you will fall in love with:
Un momento!
Sounds a bit Spanish and it also means the same in English. This phrase means "one moment please". Politely interrupt by pointing your index finger up to let everyone know that you want to bring up a point. It may also mean "may I speak please?" but you have to know more Italian to do so.
Ho Fame
Doesn't it sound like famished? It is a plea for your host to feed you. Place you hands flat on your tummy and Italians will know what your gesture means. Imagine how you will ask for pizza, pasta, and coffee.
Ehi tu, vieni qui
This will mean "come here". Use the phrase in the US and it is okay. In Italy, this phrase connotes a sexual invitation. So you have to use this Italian phrase with caution. Better learn "prego, potete aiutarli" to ask someone to come over.
Press your index finger against your lips and you know the meaning of this. Silence.
This is an emphatic expression that you have something in your mind. Something witty. Something brilliant. Something of significance.
Perfect! The word is used to compliment someone for his or her excellence. If you want to do it the Italian way, utter the words while displaying your thumb pressed against the tip of your index finger to make a circle.
Learning More than the Phrases
The phrases above will come useful when you travel. You will need a lot more though to carry a decent Italian conversation.
The methods of learning the language will only be limited with your imagination. There are a lot of available options to learn Italian. You can discover the language by attending a class and interact with people sharing the same passion. You can learn it on your own by using all the available means through people connection and technology.
Try to incorporate Italian phases in your everyday life. Compliment people using Italian phrases or try to label your stuff using their Italian translations.
There are also a great volume of music, film, and literature using the Italian language. Immerse yourself into these materials and get a feel of how genuine Italian sounds.
You can listen to CDs when you are driving or watch Italian TV shows. The more Italian you see and hear, the easier it will be for your brain to conform to the language.
The ultimate Italian exposure of course is by visiting Italy. Know the history, the arts, culture, the way of living that is behind the Italian language.
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